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    Hair Transplant in Turkey

    Hair transplant is a life-changing procedure for individuals who have hair loss and  reduced hair density problems. Having healthy, dense hair has a positive impact on the appearance. Most of the patients state that they feel more self-confident after hair transplantation.
    Hair Transplant procedure is a permanent solution to hair loss and it requires expertise. With our personalized operation plans and the high-quality techniques, newly grown hair in the transplanted areas will look completely natural.
    We are a qualified transplantation clinic in Turkey. We work with experienced doctors and hair transplant specialists and offer you a highly specialized, comfortable and satisfactory hair transplant experience.
    Get your hair transplant with our full service package specifically designed for our patients coming from all around the world. We will be delighted to have you be a part of our commitment to superior Hair Transplant Services.

    Murat Konakçı, MD

    Hair Transplant Turkey: Our clinic receives 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 185 Google reviews.

    Murat Konakçı, MD


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    What Hairpol Does

    Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is a safe and effective treatment and a permanent solution for hair loss.

    DHI Hair Transplant

    DHI is an advanced hair transplant method that provides excellent hair density and quick recovery period.

    Sapphire FUE

    Sapphire FUE is a modern FUE hair transplant method.The use of sapphire blades minimizes the recovery time and provides extremely effective results.

    Hair Transplant for Women

    Hair transplant for women is an effective solution for hair loss. Unshaven hair transplant for women is also available in Hairpol.

    Afro Hair Transplant

    Transform your Afro hair with expert HairPol transplants, better than ever

    Beard Transplantation

    Men who have beard hair loss or irregular bald spots in their beard can benefit from beard transplant to get their desired beard shape.

    Eyebrow Transplantation

    Eyebrow transplant makes it possible for anyone to obtain thick and natural looking eyebrows.

    Hair Treatments

    Hair treatments are offered according to the patient’s hair structure.With Modern hair treatment methods you will have stronger , healthier and shiny hair.

    Receive perfect results with the most comfortable operation experience. As a polyclinic of hair; we care both your hair and health with our medical doctors and experienced hair transplant specialists.For the best hair transplant result and a comfortable process;

    • Experienced medical doctors and hair transplant specialists,
    • Innovative equipments,
    • Comfortable practices,
    • Efficient medical treatments,
    • Qualified hair care products,
    • Intimate patient services,
    • Sterile environment & devices,

    are waiting for you here at Hairpol.

    A privileged service from Hairpol

    Free Online Video Consultation

    Before starting your hair transplant journey, the first thing you need to learn is whether your hair loss condition is suitable for hair transplantation and set clear expectations.

    We have a free and remote online video consultation service designed for foreign patients.

    During this remote consultation, you will be able to meet with your doctor beforehand, ask your questions, and feel more comfortable by getting the information you need to know about your case.

    We are sure that this preliminary meeting and the close attention of our medical team will make you feel more confident about having a hair transplant with us.

    Hair Transplant Has Never Been So Comfortable!

    Awake Sedation

    In this method, the anesthesiologist applies analgesic in the appropriate dose by evaluating the physical condition of the person before the operation.
    The patient remains awake during the procedure but doesn’t feel painful sensations with needles or other medical intervention during the operation.

    The patient does not lose consciousness. He/she can eat before the operation. He/she can meet all his needs (going to the restroom, etc.) during the operation. As soon as the process is over, the patient can return home immediately. The patient can be informed during all stages of the operation.

    For more detailed information and consultation, the Hairpol team is always with you.

    3 Days In Istanbul

    **Note that the daily  calendar may vary according to your operation plan and your travel schedule.

    Day 1

    Pick up from the Airport
    Hotel check-in
    Free time

    Day 2

    Hotel to Clinic
    Blood Test
    Back to the Hotel

    Day 3

    Post-op hair wash
    Post-op consultation

    Hair Transplant FAQs 

    What are the stages of hair transplantation?

    Hair transplantation is carried out in 6 basic stages. The basic stages of hair transplantation are as follows;
    1. Consultatıon
    2. Planning
    3.Graft Extraction
    4.Creating İncisions
    5.Hair Follicle Transplantation

    Is hair transplantation painful?

    No, you do not feel pain or feel anything during the hair transplant operation under normal conditions, because the hair transplant operation is performed with
    local anesthesia But you should know that this procedure is an operation.

    What are the differences between hair transplantation techniques?

    Two techniques are widely used for hair transplantation; these are FUE and DHI techniques. The first point that separates the FUE technique and the DHI
    method is the difference in application methods.
    •3000-4500 grafts can be transplanted in a single session in the FUE technique, and in the DHI technique, 1500-2500 grafts can be transplanted in one
    •In DHI technique, the recovery time is slightly shorter than in FUE technique, and there is almost no bleeding.
    •While the FUE technique is used for hair transplantation in a wider area, DHI method; is the ideal method for more dense hair transplantation.
    • While hair shaving is required in the FUE technique, no shaving is done in the DHI technique, only the donor area is shaved.
    • The cost of the equipment used in the DHI method is higher and the team is more crowded, leading the cost to be slightly higher than FUE.
    •While the FUE technique takes 4-6 hours, the DHI method takes a little longer.

    What is the maximum number of grafts extraction in one session?

    Although the number of grafts depends on the donor area of the patient, a maximum of 5000 grafts can be transplanted in one session. Ideal is not to
    exceed 6000 grafts. Because if the number of grafts increases, there is a risk of damaging the donor area.

    Will I suffer shock hair loss after a hair transplant?

    About 2 to 4 weeks after hair transplantation, there is usually temporary hair loss. Temporary hair loss after FUE hair
    transplantation is a natural cycle of the healing process. During hair transplantation, the hair follicles are taken one by one and placed in
    needed areas. But since this process will create a ‘shock’ effect on both the hair follicles and the scalp, the hair follicles fall out before
    starting the growing cycle. In this process, there will be hair loss first after time the transplanted hair will start to grow up.

    How long does the operation take?

    A normal hair transplant procedure takes an average of 4-6 hours in a day. This period varies depending on the number of hair follicles
    (grafts) and the hair transplantation technique.

    What are the factors that determine the price?

    Hair transplantation prices vary between centers. While some centers give prices according to the graft, the factors that determine the
    actual price are different. The factors that determine the price depend on the presence of a specialist doctor in the operation team, the
    operation being performed in the presence of an anaesthesiologist, and the additional sedation procedure in the operation. It also varies
    depending on the equipment used, the experience of the operation team, and which technique is used for hair transplantation.
    ions of the channels where the hair follicle will be transplanted. If
    all these processes are compatible with the position of the natural hair before the hair loss, the appearance will
    be natural.

    How many times a person can go through hair transplantation?

    Although the answer to this question varies from person to person, usually hair transplantation can perform 3-4 times throughout life.

    How long does a hair transplant take to grow?

    After hair transplantation, when the healing process ends, the hair begins to grow immediately within 3-4 months, but it takes about a year
    to take its natural look. Although this process varies from person to person, this time can be shortened according to the structure of the hair
    and environmental effects. transplantation operation: the location of the front hairline is related to the width, depth, angle and directions of
    the channels where the hair follicle will be transplanted. If all these processes are compatible with the position of the natural hair before the
    hair loss, the appearance will be natural.

    What should I pay attention to before the operation?

    •Smoking prolongs the healing period Be careful not to smoke before the operation.
    •Be careful not to consume alcohol 1 week before the operation.
    •The doctor who will perform hair transplantation should be informed about the medications you use due to acute diseases (diabetes, heart disease,
    blood pressure, etc.)
    •Stop using anticoagulant medicines (heparin, aspirin, coumadin, etc.) and multivitamins 1 week before the operation. These drugs can cause
    bleeding. Also, one week before the hair transplant, you should stop consuming green tea.
    •Stop using medication and lotion on your scalp and hair a month before the operation.
    •It is recommended to have breakfast before the hair transplantation procedure. If your operation performed afternoon, it will be useful to have a
    light lunch before you arrive.
    •When coming to the operation, choose the type of clothes that will not rub against your head and that you can easily wear and take off. It will be
    most comfortable to wear a shirt.

    What does one need to pay attention to following a hair transplant operation?

    •The day after the operation, the patient should rest and avoid physical activities.
    •Medications given by the clinic should be taken regularly during the first week after transplantation.
    • In the first week, the transplanted area should be protected from friction and impacts
    •Hair washing process should be started after the 3rd day. First hair wash will be done by the clinic. After that, the rules should be followed by the
    patient each day for 15 days.
    •Sleeping position for the first three days is very important. The hair transplantation area should not rub the pillow while sleeping. For this, patients
    should lie on their back and use a neck pillow given by the clinic.
    •It should be protected from the sun for a month because the sun may damage the grafts in the transplanted area. If possible, do not go out in the sun.
    •In the first week after the operation. the hat given to you by the clinic should be used after a month, you can also use flat-type hats.
    •In the first days, edema, swelling, and allodynia may be felt. Ice may be applied for swelling and painkillers recommended by the doctor can be used.
    •The things to be considered after the operation will be explained by your doctor.

    What are the criteria to be suitable for the operation?

    The suitability of the patient for the operation is determined by the doctor. At this stage, the general health status
    of the patient is taken into consideration. The adequacy of the hair to be taken from the donor, the main causes of
    hair loss, and the age of the person are other factors that determine the eligibility criteria for the operation.

    How long is recovery after the operation and can ı return to my daily life?

    Hair transplantation is a process that takes exactly one year before and after transplantation included. After hair
    transplantation, the processes of reddening and scab, scab shedding, and shock hair loss experienced. These
    processes are completely normal. Patients can return to normal life within 3-4 days.

    Is the natural appearance obtained as a result of the operation?

    The answer to this question is that a natural appearance will be obtained in a hair transplant performed with
    daintiness. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the experience of the team at this point. Important
    factors that determine the natural appearance in hair transplantation operation: the location of the front hairline
    is related to the width, depth, angle and direct

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    Well what can i say. What a fab experiance ive had with these guys. For me, its not just the brilliant result i had after 6 months with another 3 months remaining, its the quality of service and constant reassurance i had from the team and especially Samir. He for me was the cherry on the cake. His dedication to his clients on a personal level was immpecable. A real credit to Hairpol. Thanks guys. Keep doing what your doing… More

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    The team at Hairpol are professional in all aspects of the complete package of hair regrowth. From the initial consultation to the pick up, drop off before the procedure, I thought they were great. An all round dedicated team. I highly recommend their services. Ask for Aisha when contacting them and she will sort out all your pre booking questions and details….More

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