When implanted hair start to grow?


Dreams of healthy, shiny and lush hair are slowly turning into reality. The patient went through the hair transplant procedure and now his main question is «when implanted hair start to grow?”

Hair growth after transplant

The transplanted hair takes root rather quickly, about 7-9 days after the surgery. During this period, the patient needs a careful attitude and special care in order to avoid complications and not negatively affect the result of the transplantation. Then the transplanted hair will grow naturally in the new place. As they grow, they will go through the normal stages of their life cycle.

Hair follicles in the course of their life go through 3 stages: active growth, recession phase and rest phase. The growth of the transplanted hair starts quite quickly, after 2-3 days and reaches its maximum level in the 2nd week. At first, the transplanted hair may lag somewhat behind the rest of the hair.

When to expect final results?

About 20 days after the transplant, the stage of the so-called shock loss begins, which continues for a month. This process occurs gradually and is a natural phase change in the life cycle of the hair follicle.

After 2-3 months after the surgery, the hair will start to grow back gradually. 6 months after the transplant, the growth rates of the transplanted hair are about 40-60%. By 12 months the growth rates is 90-98%. 18 months after the surgery, 100% of the transplanted hairs grow; have a natural and healthy appearance. It should be noted that the process of hair growth is always individual in time and depends on the correct fulfillment of the doctor’s recommendations during the postoperative period. The transplanted hair will not fall out in the future and no additional procedures will be required to preserve them.


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December 23, 2020