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    DHI and Choi Method Hair Transplant

    DHI (Direct Hair Implant) method of hair transplantation is a relatively new technique, which implies one-touch hair implantation using a special device, the Choi pen. DHI hair transplant surgeries have successful results and allow a fairly large number of hair follicles to be transplanted in a relatively short time.

    What does DHI hair transplant method’s advantages?

    DHI hair transplant method provides the most natural and successful results. The use of the Choi pen allows full control over the direction of growth of the transplanted hair. The technique itself implies a short recovery time, due to the absence of additional incisions when creating a canal. In addition, the method allows you to create a higher density of hair coverage, which is especially important in the treatment of extreme hair loss.

    The main essence of the DHI method is to directly transfer the extracted hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area (the hair planting zone) and to provide blood supply both as quickly as possible. This, in turn, ensures a higher survival rate of the transplanted hair.

    As with the FUE method, the hair follicles are extracted one at a time from the patient’s donor area and immediately transferred to the balding area using the Choi implanter. This device has a piston structure and a thin hollow needle at the tip to prepare incisions and at the same time place the grafts on the balding area. Thus, we can say that DHI hair transplantation is an innovation of the classic FUE method complements it and reduces scalp trauma.

    Why is the DHI hair transplant method useful?

    • High survival rate of hair follicles due to their direct transplantation from the donor area to the baldness area.
    • Low trauma to the scalp due to the absence of preliminary incisions.
    • Fast healing due to low skin trauma.
    • Absence of scars in the transplanted area.
    • It is possible to create a denser and thicker hairline.
    • It is possible to perform transplant into the unshaven area.

    Among the disadvantages of the DHI method of hair transplantation, one can note its relatively high cost compared, for example, with the classical FUE method. This is primarily due to the technical complexity of the operation, which requires great attention and precision at every stage.

    For whom DHI hair transplant is suitable for?

    DHI hair transplant method is absolutely universal and has practically no contraindications. It is suitable for any patient deciding to start a hair loss treatment. Since the method is less traumatic, it is often used for eyebrow, beard and mustache transplants. In addition, DHI is excellent for frontline hair transplants. The DHI hair transplant method can be combined with the classic FUE method. This is especially true when the balding area is large.

    In general, it can be noted that the DHI method is suitable for both men and women. The doctor will select the optimal hair transplant method at the first consultation at the clinic.