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    DHI and Choi Method
    Hair Transplantation

    DHI Hair Transplant

    During the DHI hair transplant technique, hair follicles which are in good quality are collected from the donor area and placed in the transplantation area with the help of special implanter pens.

    Why is the DHI Technique preferred?

    In this method, which does not require cutting or shaving, the implanter pen enables the roots to be treated in a shorter time as it can do the channel opening and root placement processes at the same time.

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      DHI FAQs

      First 3 Days

      DHI hair transplantation offers a rapid recovery process. After the procedure, effects such as swelling, and redness can be seen on the transplanted area. Since a surgical procedure is performed, these effects are natural and will subside in a few days. The ongoing recovery process will continue as follows:


      First 15 days

      During the time interval between a week and 10 days, the appearance of red dots will be experienced, and these spots will gradually begin to crust. Itching can also be experienced immediately after this process. The patient should be careful not to scratch the scalp.

      • After 15 days, the appearance of these spots and crusts will be reduced. The new hair that is placed will start to grow.

      1-3 Months

      After 3 weeks, shock shedding takes place and, in this case, up to 80 percent hair loss will be experienced in the transplanted area. While this is a cause for concern, it is part of the recovery process.

      4-6 Months

      After an average of 4 months, the hair that grows back continues to grow more healthily and robustly.

      6-8 Months

      After 6 months, a visible change will occur.

      12-15 Months

      After 12 months, the recovery process will be completed, and the desired hair appearance will be achieved.

      DHI And Choi Method Hair Transplant

      Hair transplant is applied to eliminate sparse hair problems and baldness in women and men and to achieve the desired hair appearance. DHI hair transplant, which is one of the most preferred methods in hair transplantation, is performed flawlessly with the expertise of Hairpol.

      Read More About DHI

      DHI, which stands for Direct Hair Implantation, provides you with a perfect hair appearance with its special method. The DHI method, which has some advantages than other methods, provides a professional and high-quality hair transplantation process. DHI hair transplant method at Hairpol  is performed in suitable cases to create an intense look and desired hairstyle in your hair.

      A perfect success can be achieved with this hair transplantation method, which aims at minimum tissue damage on the scalp. DHI hair transplant, which is performed using the Implanter Pen, makes only the required size incision for the placement of the grafts and thus, the tissue damage in the hair transplantation process is minimal.

      DHI Hair Transplant Stages
      DHI hair transplant, which is carried out by experts in the field at Hairpol, is carried out professionally. We explain in detail the procedures and interventions we apply during the hair transplant process.

      We invite our patients to the clinic before the procedure. Here, we determine the area where the hair transplantation will be applied, and the number of grafts required while the preliminary examinations are carried out.

      Then we perform the necessary blood tests for our patient. If, as a result of blood tests, there is no obstacle for hair transplantation (such as blood-borne diseases), we prepare our patient for hair transplantation.

      Anesthesia & Harvesting Hair Follicles
      We apply local anesthesia to the donor area where the grafts will be collected. In this way, our patient will not feel pain during the collection process of the grafts and the procedure will be carried out comfortably.

      Before the local anesthesia patients may also benefit from smooth sedation.Hair follicles are harvested expertly by our professionals one by one with a high success rate and  minimal distortion.

      Transplanting Hair Follicles
      As one of the advantages of DHI hair transplant, the collected grafts are placed in the area to be transplanted without waiting.Grafts are inserted gently to the implanter pens and then placed at an accurate angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp directly with the help of Implanter pens.

      The DHI method, which requires great professionalism, can take about 10 – 12 hours.

      What are the Features of the Implanter Pen?
      The special structure Implanter Pen used in the DHI hair transplant method offers a comfortable and easier hair transplantation process. Using this pen, the graft taken from the donor area can be placed in the area without waiting. Grafts are transplanted one by one with the Implanter Pen, which keeps tissue damage to a minimum. While the graft taken with the pen is placed in the area to be transplanted, it is pushed to the area by creating an appropriate angle, and then the graft is placed directly by pressing the back of the pen. In this way, the least incision is made on the skin, and grafts are placed without the need for the canal opening process used in other methods.

      Who can have a DHI hair transplant?
      For the application of DHI hair transplantation, preliminary examinations are performed first. It may be possible to find patients whose hair type and skin structure are not suitable for this method. But in general, there is no big problem in this regard. Mainly:

      • People with hair thinning or regional baldness problems,
      • For people over the age of 22 for hair growth to be completed,
      • People who do not have a contagious blood disease can perform a DHI hair transplant.

      For people with heart disease, diabetes, and hormonal problems, a decision can be made after the examinations to determine their suitability for the procedure.

      Why Is The Dhı Haır Tansplant Method Useful?
      Hair transplantation is performed without the extra need for the canal opening process found in other methods. Thus, it causes less damage to the scalp.

      • It is a suitable method for more frequent hair transplantation in the area
      • It is a suitable method for more frequent hair transplantation in the area.
      • Since the grafts collected from the donor area are placed in the area without waiting, the risk of tissue damage to the grafts is minimized.
      • A much faster recovery process is experienced with minimal tissue damage on the skin.
      • The recipient site does not have to be shaved. This method is suitable for patient who wants to keep hair long.

      DHI hair transplantation method, which performs successful hair transplantation with the advantages it offers, is carried out with great professionalism at Hairpol and the desired hair appearance is created. Having the perfect hair structure with the desired look is no longer a dream with Hairpol!

      Post DHI Hair Transplant Process
      It is very important to follow the advice given by the specialist doctor after the hair transplant procedure. Paying attention to the recommendations given increases the strength of the grafts placed and offers a successful DHI hair transplant procedure.
      In particular, the patient should not sweat too much, be careful not to go under the sun, not make movements that will force the body, and stay away from stress are some of the conditions that should be considered after a hair transplant. The use of medication given by a specialist doctor is also of great importance for the recovery process.

      On the first day after DHI hair transplantation, the area is checked with a clinical examination. The first hair washing process is carried out by the specialist doctor on the second day and the washing processes take 10 days. Then the recovery process starts.

      DHI hair transplant method is absolutely universal and has practically no contraindications. It is suitable for any patient deciding to start a hair loss treatment. Since the method is less traumatic, it is often used for eyebrow, beard and mustache transplants. In addition, DHI is excellent for frontline hair transplants.

      The DHI hair transplant method can be combined with the classic FUE method. This is especially true when the balding area is large. In general, it can be noted that the DHI method is suitable for both men and women. The doctor will select the optimal hair transplant method at the first consultation at the clinic.



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