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    Beard Transplant

    One of the main places that men pay attention to and care most in their appearance is their beard. Beard transplant is an extremely eective method used by men who cannot grow a beard or either men who experience irregular grown/patterned beards due to various reasons.

    Smooth Beard Transplantation

    Using the DHI method, the process is carried out by transferring the hair follicles taken from the nape area or the area where the beard is dense, to the area to be transplanted. Within a very short time the treated area will grow out naturally

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      Beard Transplant FAQs

      After the Beard Transplant Process

      After the beard transplantation procedure, effects such as redness and swelling may be seen in the transplant area of the patients. Although these effects are completely natural, they will disappear in a few days. After beard transplantation, which can be considered a surgical procedure, the patient should follow the recommendations of the specialist doctor and pay extra attention to the transplant area. The reason why this situation is very important is that the grafts placed in the newly performed beard transplant need time to adapt and adhere to the area. Complying with the necessary recommendations for this process ensures the successful completion of the beard transplant process.

      Recovery Process After Beard Transplantation

      After beard transplantation, a process takes place for the grafts placed in the area to adhere and to achieve the desired result. We have explained in detail for you the situations that may be encountered during this period, which is called the recovery process.

      1 week after the beard transplantation, the skin heals completely on the area. It can be observed that natural effects such as redness and swelling on the area disappear.
      After a month, it can be observed that the beards are completely visible. The beards that grow and take their shape will start to attract attention.
      Shedding, one of the most natural effects of transplant procedures, will begin to occur gradually after the first month. In this case, a maximum of eighty percent of the grafts placed can be poured. Although this situation causes anxiety in individuals, it is completely normal.
      It can be observed that beards are formed again in the third month and later. Afterward, the shedding will not occur, and the beards will continue to grow. After the healing process, the beards can be shaved as desired.

      Beard Transplant

      It is an indisputable fact that the use of beards in men today is high and the use of beards has become very important for men to follow fashion and create a style. However, in some cases, some men do not have enough beard density, and this prevents the aesthetic appearance and the creation of the desired style. In this case, Hairpol is ready for you to create the desired beard density and create a brand-new style. Hairpol eliminates the beard problem with the beard transplant process, with experts in the field and state-of-the-art applications.
      With the transplant process performed in the beard area, the areas that do not grow a beard can be filled, the sparse beard structure can be concentrated more, and a desired aesthetic appearance can be obtained. Let’s take a closer look at beard transplantation, which is similar to hair transplantation.

      Where is the donor area for beard transplants?

      As in other transplant procedures, the first area preferred as a donor area in beard transplantation is the back of the head and the nape. If there is enough graft in these regions and the grafts have a suitable structure for beard transplantation, graft collection is performed. However, if suitable grafts cannot be obtained from this region, other parts of the body are examined, and appropriate grafts can be obtained from these parts.

      What are the Stages of a Beard Transplant?

      The process steps for beard transplant, which consists of the same stages as the hair transplant procedure, can be listed as follows:


      Before the beard transplant, patients come to the clinic and perform a preliminary examination. During the examination performed by the specialist doctor, the areas where beard transplantation will take place are determined and how many grafts are needed to perform the transplant in these areas is calculated. Then the necessary blood tests are performed on the patient. As a result of these tests, it is examined whether there is a condition in the blood structure that may create an obstacle for the transplant process.

      Anesthesia & Harvesting Hair Follicles

      Anesthesia is applied to the area determined as the donor area (back of head). Before local anesthesia patients can also get smooth sedation, which makes the whole process more comfortable and painless. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain during the collection of grafts. At this stage, the grafts are collected from the back of the head and kept in a special solution to prevent tissue damage.

      Transplanting Hair Follicles

      The beard area to be transplanted will also be under anesthesia. The collected grafts will be placed in the determined area using the most appropriate method. With the Sapphire FUE method after the process of opening channels, the grafts are placed into the micro channels. If the expert chooses the DHI method then grafts are directly implanted in the recipient area without opening channels.

      Create Your Style with Beard Transplant at Hairpol!

      With Hairpol’s expertise and professionalism, it is now possible to have beards in the style you dream of. You can shape your beard appearance according to your wishes by communicating your wishes to specialist doctors. The beard, known as the natural make-up of men, can have a denser and more attractive appearance with beard transplantation. It is possible to be much more attractive and more stylish after beard transplantation, which is carried out with high professionalism by experts in the field at Hairpol.

      Who can have a Beard Transplant?

      The biggest curiosity of people who want to perform beard transplantation is whether they are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

      • People who have no hair in the beard area,
      • People who have problems with beard sparseness,
      • People who have lost a part of the beard due to a wound or burn after a traumatic situation,
      • People over 22 years old to complete hair growth can perform beard transplantation.

      Conditions that can prevent beard transplantation are generally having a disease that can be transmitted through blood. For this reason, blood tests are performed before the procedure. For people who have a hormonal disorder, heart disease, or diabetes, after detailed examinations, the decision to apply the procedure is determined according to the opinions of the specialist doctor.

      Beard Transplant Advantages

      It is necessary to talk about the advantages of beard transplants for individuals who want to perform beard transplants. It is possible to list the advantages of beard transplant as follows:

      Why Is The Smooth Fue Hair Transplant Method Useful?

      1. Transplanted hair grafts grow and look natural in the beard area.
      2. Treatment allows the patient to have a desired look of beard.
      3. Procedure makes the sparse beard look more intense.
      4. Procedure guided by prioritizing the patient’s face shape and facial structure to perform beard transplantation.
      5. Make it possible for individuals who want to achieve beard transplantation to achieve the beard structure of their dreams.
      6. After the healing and growing process of 6 months, the beards can be shaved and shaped as desired.

      Does beard transplant have disadvantages?

      It is almost impossible to have permanent disadvantages in beard transplantation operations performed with Hairpol professionalism. The only downside to experience is shedding, which is normal in this procedure. After shedding, the beard grows back completely permanently.

      Let the beard look of your dreams cease to be a dream with beard transplantation, which is performed flawlessly by experts in the field at Hairpol! For detailed information and appointment, you can contact us without wasting time.

      As Hairpol, we follow the process together with you after the beard transplantation process, which we carry out with great expertise and great care. We carry out the necessary advice and interventions to get through the recovery process perfectly. Hairpol is the most suitable place for you for a successful beard transplant!



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