Thick, healthy, well-groomed hair is a sign of health and beauty for women and one of the factors of self-confidence for men. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to preserve lush healthy hair throughout life. How to prevent hair loss and what are the reasons for this?

Why does hair fall out?

Periodic hair loss is a natural process and is a necessary part of hair renewal. In the life of any hair follicle, there is a certain cycle, a sequential repetition of three phases: active growth, regression and rest. Every day a healthy person loses about a hundred hairs in the rest phase. In people over 50, the daily hair loss rate increases to 200 pieces. In the case when the ratio of hairs in the resting phase increases, the hairline begins to actively thin out.

Among the most common causes of premature hair loss are stress, increased sensitivity of hair follicles to male sex hormone, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, scalp inflammation, hormonal imbalances and genetic factors.

How to prevent hair loss?

First, hair loss treatment should start by looking for the cause. It is best to seek advice at the clinic. After the tests, doctor will be able to determine the cause of the hair loss and recommend treatment.

Remember that no shampoos and masks can reduce hair loss once it has started. A more noticeable effect can be provided by special solutions that are injected into the scalp (mesotherapy) or, for example, laser treatment. Such methods allow active substances (solutions or lights) to penetrate the skin and act directly on the hair follicles, improving blood flow and the supply of nutrients. Such treatments can prevent hair loss if the cause is scalp inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, or stress.

With hormonal imbalance, the doctor will prescribe drug therapy to the patient in order to restore the level and ratio of hormones in the body.

To treat severe cases of hair loss, modern medicine uses more radical methods such as hair transplant.