What works well for hair loss?

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    What works well for hair loss?

    Hair loss is a complex problem; therefore it must also be addressed comprehensively. Shampoos, masks and ointments are unable to bring all the nutrients to the hair roots and solve the problem. This can be done only by eliminating the first cause. So what works well for hair loss?

    Where to begin?

    Begin therapy only after identifying the root cause of hair loss. At the consultation at the clinic, the doctor will examine the patient and prescribe the necessary tests. Depending on the cause and severity of the disease, the doctor will suggest therapy or treatment. This is extremely important for two reasons:

    • First, no home remedy is as effective as a laboratory-derived medicine. Therefore, it is better to use professional products to stimulate hair growth.
    • Secondly, self-medication can be harmful in cases where hair loss is caused by medical factors. In such cases, it is better to be examined in a timely manner so as not to start the disease.

    Is it possible to stop hair loss on your own?

    It is definitely worth trying to influence the problem. At least, these measures will definitely not be worse, and they can be combined with any treatment program. So what works well for hair loss?

    • Get tested

    First of all, you need to exclude serious health problems. Directions for examination are prescribed by a doctor.

    • Adjust the daily routine and diet

    Minimize stress, get enough sleep, and monitor the completeness and regularity of food.

    • Find the right hair care

    This applies not only to shampoo and conditioner, but also to other procedures, such as mesotherapy or laser therapy. It is also worth including scalp massage in the care program.

    • Scalp protection

    The scalp needs protection not only from aggressive environmental influences, but also from mechanical stress. You should avoid too tight hairstyles for a long time (tails, braids, dreadlocks, etc.).


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