Things to Consider After Hair Transplant


Modern hair transplant methods allow for a painless and very effective procedure. This makes it possible to significantly increase the density of hair in areas of bald patches without scars and a long rehabilitation period. However, patients should remember that the success of the surgery does not depend only on the doctor. Half of the successful result is the patient’s strict compliance to the doctor’s recommendations during the postoperative period. So what are things to consider after hair transplant?

Hair and head skincare after transplant

During the first days after the surgery, the patient needs to visit the clinic again. The clinic’s specialists will tell you how to wash and care for your hair, give you special shampoos and lotions. Also they will tell you how to sleep properly for the first few days after the transplant.

For the first 10-14 days after hair transplant, avoid using any tight hats. They can cause damage, swelling and irritation to the scalp. Be sure to protect the transplanted area from direct sunlight.

Work and sports

Without urgent need for the first 7-10 days after surgery, try to avoid strenuous physical activity. Office work, computer use, reading is not prohibited. However, try not to tilt your head forward in the first 2-3 days after the transplant, so as not to provoke the appearance of edema on the face.

For the first 10 days after hair transplant, the patient should refrain from alcohol, active sports, significant physical exertion, and prolonged exposure to the sun, that is, anything that can cause excessive sweating or a sharp change in the blood supply to the scalp.


Typically, patients return to normal life within 2 to 5 days after surgery. Main restrictions and special care continue until 2-3 weeks after hair transplant. About 8-12 months after the surgery you can evaluate the final result. During this period, the hair will acquire full strength, shine and natural appearance.



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December 23, 2020