6 Main Rules of Nutrition After Hair Transplant


6 Main Rules of Nutrition After Hair Transplant
Nutrition after hair transplantation plays an important role in the recovery of the body. The more useful the postoperative diet, the faster the traces of invasion will heal, and the transplanted hair will begin to grow with renewed vigor, beautiful and shiny. Getting a balanced diet isn’t that difficult. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion and balance of nutrients, as well as adhere to 6 main rules of nutrition after hair transplant.

1. Add a variety of protein to your diet
Protein is an essential part of the human diet, a source of essential amino acids. Protein is essential for the body to build muscle tissue and regenerate cells.

2. A varied diet of healthy foods
A variety of products should be present on the patient’s menu after hair transplantation. The more there are, the more your body will receive nutrients. Make sure that the menu includes only healthy foods that can provide the body with everything it needs.

3. Drink more water
Water starts metabolic processes in the body, saturates the skin with moisture, and also has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, influencing the process of cell renewal. Tea, coffee and juices do not replace water.

4. Avoid fast food
Try to cook yourself from natural and fresh ingredients. Any semi-finished product or fast food increases the load on the body and slows down the metabolism. Even a piece of chicken baked in the oven is many times healthier than the most delicious burger or frozen pizza.

5. Observe the diet
It is optimal for the patient to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions after the hair transplant. More than 5 hours between meals slows down metabolism and tissue regeneration.

6. Don’t drink alcohol
Try not to consume alcohol, especially in the first two weeks after hair transplant, as this will significantly slow down the healing process.


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November 24, 2020