Alcohol after Hair Transplant


For some people, alcohol is an essential part of a fulfilling life. Holidays, meetings with friends and other events for them are associated with the traditional reception of alcoholic beverages. But there are situations that can change a person’s lifestyle against his desires. Such situations include, for example, surgery. For many patients, after its implementation, the question comes to the fore: may I drink alcohol after hair transplant? Any doctor will definitely answer «no», and of course it will be right. There are weighty arguments against the prohibition of taking alcohol after surgery that can convince any sane person.

May I drink alcohol after hair transplant?

Any surgical intervention, even such a minimally invasive one as hair transplant, is stressful for the body. It takes a certain time to recover, during which the loads must be minimized. Alcohol is the very undesirable load on the body, which does not allow it to recover in time and return to normal in the shortest possible time.

Taking antibiotics, which can be used for some time after the surgery, in order to avoid complications, it is highly undesirable to combine with any alcohol, even with beer. In the case of alcohol using while taking antibiotics, the effectiveness of treatment decreases, and the body bears a tremendous burden on internal organs.

Alcohol destroys and deforms red blood cells. As a result, they are unable to carry oxygen and perform a number of other important functions. This greatly slows down the healing process and can lead to inflammation and infection in the transplanted area.

Therefore, using alcohol after hair transplant is unacceptable, as it poses a threat to health and increases the risk of complications after surgery. Patients are advised not to consume alcohol for at least the first two weeks after surgery, when the main healing process is complete.


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November 24, 2020