Hair Transplant in Front Only


Thick, well-groomed, beautiful hair is not a fad for a long time, but rather a sign of health. Unfortunately, nature has not endowed all people with luxurious hair. Various diseases, stress, hormonal changes affect their natural growth. Medicines do not always help to cope with this problem. And then transplantation comes to the rescue. Hair restoration techniques are widely used all over the world. It is painless, minimally invasive and does not require a long rehabilitation period. At the same time, it allows hair transplantation to any area, including hair transplant in front only.

Who is hair transplant in front suitable for?

Alopecia (as physicians call baldness), like any other disease, has different stages of severity and types. So some types (stages) of baldness do not require a large-scale hair transplant, but just a local solution. This also applies to hair transplants in front line.

A large percentage of patients come to the clinic with the problem of thinning hair and their overestimated growth line. Moreover, both men and women address such a complaint. This type of baldness is called androgenic alopecia and can have several degrees of severity. It is characterized by the fact that the hairline shifts upward, triangular bald patches appear on the forehead and temples, which begin to expand and rise. Thus, the hairline becomes M or V-shaped.

Hair transplant in front only

With androgenic alopecia, the FUE or Choi methods are used as the main technique and hair transplantation is performed to the front line only. The key to the operation is the preliminary design of the anterior hairline for the most natural looking result.

The front hairline should be calculated in advance based on the patient’s face shape. Hair transplant in front only requires great professionalism and experience of the doctor, only in this way the result will look as natural as possible.



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January 3, 2021