The HAIRPOL Clinic has long and successfully performed hair transplant operations in Turkey for both local patients and those who arrived from abroad. The reason for such popularity of our clinic among foreign patients is the high quality of medical and affordable prices. In addition, personal full services are provided to any foreign patient from the first minutes of arrival in the country.

Booking and Travel

After the initial consultations have been carried out and the date of the surgery has been set, the patient is waiting for the next stage, namely, arrival in Turkey. Our employees, together with the patient, will start organizing the trip: buying air tickets, preparing the necessary documents, booking and accommodation at the hotel, organizing a transfer, etc.

It can be difficult for a foreign tourist to navigate when choosing a hotel and its location in Istanbul. That is why our staff will help the patient to book a hotel where it will be most convenient both in terms of rest and transfer.


As part of personal services, a transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic and back is also organized for the foreign patient. The patient will not need to search for ways to get to the clinic himself. It is enough just to approach the person who meets you at the airport, and then settle comfortably in the car, waiting for your arrival and check-in at the hotel.

On the first day of arrival, the patient will visit the clinic to get a consultation with a doctor and get some tests. If necessary, the patient is provided with translation services, although the clinic staff speaks English well.

After carrying out all the necessary procedures, preparing documents and setting the time of the surgery, the patient will have time for sightseeing. However, this should not be overused. It is recommended to have a good rest and sleep before the surgery.


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January 3, 2021