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    Smooth FUE Hair Transplant

    Despite the fact that hair transplantation is a minimally invasive operation, the use of anesthesia during its implementation is necessary. Along with the usual methods of pain relief, most patients still prefer to use the Smooth FUE method of hair transplant with a smooth sedation. This is one of the most modern, reliable and safe types of anesthesia used in modern medicine.

    Hair Transplant with Anesthesia

    In hair transplantation, the use of local anesthesia is mandatory. Thus, the patient does not feel pain during the extraction of grafts, creation of channels and placement of hair follicles. Hair transplant surgeries are always carried out only under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is never used because it has various risks and is not necessary. Among the many types of pain relief, three main ones can be noted:

    • Anesthesia by injection

    This is the classic method of anesthesia familiar to most patients. With it, the drug is administered subcutaneously by injection. At this point, the patient may experience some painful sensations, but they are not long lasting and can be tolerated. The patient is conscious, but does not feel pain and discomfort in the area of the operation. This type of anesthesia is the most economical.

    • Anesthesia by applying pressure

    With this method, anesthesia is administered subcutaneously using a special device, a needleless injector. The operation principle of needleless injectors is that a medicinal substance under high pressure (50-100 atm) is passed through an opening of a very small diameter (about 0.1 mm). The thinnest jet of medicinal liquid penetrates the scalp and is retained at a given tissue depth. With the introduction of the drug, the patient does not feel pain, except for a slight burning sensation.

    • Anesthesia by smooth sedation: SMOOTH FUE

    This is a modern and safe method of pain relief, which is widely used in modern medicine, including pediatric medicine. Sedation helps to relieve the patient’s psycho-emotional stress and relax, relieve fear and panic. Sedation procedure can be performed only by an anesthesiologist who is a medical doctor and can determine the dosage of analgesic medicines.
    In Hairpol hair transplant operations, anesthesiologists MD Murat Konakçı applies the sedation.

    Under the sedation the patient remains awake during the procedure but doesn’t feel any painful sensations during the operation.

    The patient is conscious, sees everything, hears everything, understands everything, remembers everything and is able to perform any actions.

    Smooth FUE hair transplant allows carrying out surgeries in the most comfortable conditions for the patient without pain.