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    FUE Hair Transplantation

    Smooth FUE Hair Transplant

    Smooth FUE hair transplant is the most comfortable and easiest method for patients who want to get a hair transplant without pain during the procedures. Smooth FUE hair transplant, which is the most preferred method for individuals who do not want to feel pain, fear and anxiety during the hair transplant process, is performed by experts, appropriately and successfully here at Hairpol.

    Why is the Smooth FUE Hair Transplant Technique preferred?

    Smooth sedation anesthesia (Smooth FUE) can be used with all hair transplant methods such as FUE and Sapphire FUE for a painless hair transplant process. The difference of this method is that the anesthesiologist applies analgesic medication before the local anesthesia procedure, and thanks to this smooth sedation, the patient will not experience any sensation during the transplant procedure.

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      Smooth FUE FAQs

      Before Smooth FUE Hair Transplant

      Some conditions should be considered before the Smooth FUE hair transplant procedure. It is of great importance for the procedure to give due consideration to the following situations:

      • At least one week before, the individual should stop using alcohol and smoking.
      • The use of blood thinners or beverages with blood-thinning effects should be discontinued for at least one week.
      • Individuals who have drugs that need to be used continuously should be informed about this issue and get the doctor’s approval.
      • Since Smooth FUE is performed with a sedation technique, the individual should not eat or drink a drink 6 hours before the procedure
      After Smooth FUE Hair Transplant

      After the Smooth FUE hair transplant, the sedation effect ends, and the patient gradually recovers. It is recommended that the patient take a rest period of 3-4 days. Swelling and redness can be observed in the transplant area, and this is a very natural effect after a surgical hair transplant. After the procedure, the recommendations and medications given by the specialist doctor are necessary for the successful completion of the smooth FUE hair transplant procedure.

      Hairpol specialists will continue to assist patients in performing the necessary examinations after the procedure. However, there are some conditions that patients should pay attention to:


      • In the first 10 days, the transplant area should be well protected, no impact or friction should occur.
      • Again, within 10 days, excessive sweating and direct contact with the sun should be avoided.
      • You should not swim in the sea or pool for at least 2 weeks, heavy sports activities and movements that force the body should be avoided.
      • Stress should be avoided as much as possible and addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped.
      Recovery Process After Smooth FUE Hair Transplant

      It takes a while for the implanted grafts to establish a solid bond with the skin and develop. This process is called the recovery process and takes an average of one year. Recovery process details are as follows:

      • In the first 10 days, crusting will be seen after redness. Then the crusting will gradually end, and the scalp will begin to heal.
      • The grafts placed will start to grow slowly after 2- 3 weeks.
      • After about one month, 80 percent of the new hair placed as shock shedding will fall out. Although this situation creates great concern for patients, it is the most necessary stage of the recovery process.
      • Shedding can take about 3 months. Then the new hair will start to grow back stronger and thicker.
      • From the 6th month, there will be visible changes and the hair will continue to grow.
      • After 12 months, the hair will regain its final appearance and will be suitable for use as desired.
      Safe and Successful Smooth FUE Hair Transplant at Hairpol

      It is now very easy to have the hair of your dreams after the most successful procedure at the Hairpol clinic, where there are experts and professional doctors who have proven themselves in the smooth FUE hair transplant procedure, where sedation technique is used. You can get more detailed information by contacting immediately and making an appointment for a preliminary examination.

                Smooth FUE Hair Transplant

                Smooth Fue Hair Transplant Process Stages

                Smooth FUE hair transplant, performed with Hairpol professionalism, ensures a flawless procedure and creates a painless and comfortable transplant process.It is possible to examine the detailed explanation of the Smooth FUE hair transplant stages in order.

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                The necessary tests are performed on the patients who are invited to the clinic for a preliminary examination. As a result of the tests, the transplant process is approved within the results that will not interfere with the transplant process. Then, the area for the transplant is determined and the required number of grafts is decided.


                Just before the procedure, the patient is anesthetized with the sedation technique by the intravenous. In this way, the patient experiences a loss of sensation enough to not feel pain but is conscious enough to speak. After sedation, local anesthesia is applied to the donor areas where grafts will be collected.


                • Grafts from the determined donor area are placed in a special solution. The grafts preserved in this solution ensure that tissue loss is not experienced.
                • The canal opening process is started to be performed in the determined transplant area.
                • Grafts are placed in the opened canals and the procedure ends smoothly.

                Application of Sedation Anesthesia to the Person

                The application of anesthesia with sedation varies from person to person. The dose of the sedation medication is determined according to the age, weight, and even condition of the individuals who are preparing for the transplant. Just before the transplant procedure, the determined dose of sedation can be intravenously administered to the patient.

                The sedated individual will be half asleep and feeling relaxation during the procedure. The smooth sedation helps the individual not to experience the feeling of the pain. Unlike general anesthesia, the patient under the effect of smooth sedation experiences the procedure. The sedation technique, which has no side effects on the individual, is successfully performed by an Anesthesiologist doctor and experts in the Hairpol clinic.

                Why is Smooth FUE Hair Transplant Preferred?

                Smooth FUE hair transplant, which is the first choice of individuals who want to perform a completely painless hair transplant, is preferred because it uses the sedation technique. People for whom this method is particularly recommended can be listed as follows:

                Patients with a fear of needles,
                Patients with lower than normal pain threshold,
                Patients who have concerns about the surgical procedure,
                Patients in whom local anesthesia is less effective because of several reasons
                In these situations, the sedation technique is safely recommended. In this way, patients feel a high degree of relief and ensure that the procedure is easy

                Why Is The Smooth Fue Hair Tansplant Method Useful?

                • The sedation technique used in Smooth FUE is the most advanced method that eliminates the pain.
                • Patient doesn’t feel painful sensations during the hair transplant procedure.
                • Relieves the patient’s anxiety and fear about having an operation.
                • The patient remains awake and can communicate.
                • The patient passes the long operation with a more relaxed feeling.
                • Patients have a comfortable and happy experience.
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