Normal Bath After Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgery, but even it requires strict adherence to the recommendations in the postoperative period. The main thing at this time is not to damage the transplanted hair and to give time for the traces of the invasion to heal. Patients should be careful about even seemingly routine activities such as bathing or showering. After all, when can a patient take a normal bath after hair transplant? We will try to answer this question below.

The first days after hair transplant

After hair transplant, the baldness treatment area is covered with hundreds of micro-incisions, and the new transplanted grafts have not yet taken root. Therefore, before the patient can perform any physical intervention on the transplanted area, it must be given time to heal. This also applies to taking a bath or shower. However, hygiene procedures will not have to be completely canceled. It is just that while showering, the transplanted area must be protected from water and steam.

In the first two weeks after the hair transplant, a special procedure is provided for shampooing with the use of cosmetic medical care products. Such a special procedure of shampooing is designed to ensure complete and rapid healing and care of the transplanted grafts. It will need to be done daily for the first 2 weeks after surgery.

The healing process usually ends 10-15 days after surgery, so the risk of damaging new follicles is significantly reduced. From the 15th day after the hair transplant, the patient can take a normal bath or shower.

What else is important after the hair transplant procedure?

Although the patient is allowed to take a normal bath after the hair transplant on the 15th day, there is an important thing to remember. Although the main healing process has passed, care for the transplanted follicles should still be done very carefully. The main recommendation is for the patient to wash their hair gently, with touching movements without rubbing. It is also imperative to use a pH neutral shampoo in the first month after surgery.


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December 23, 2020