First 2 Weeks After Hair Transplant


As a rule, the hair transplant surgery ends on the day of the procedure. The patient returns to the hotel or home and the postoperative period begins. The first two weeks after hair transplant are very important, as proper hair care determines the success of the final result of the surgery. The patient should be extremely attentive to the doctor’s recommendations and follow them strictly. So what happens in the first 2 weeks after hair transplant and why is this period so important?

Why are the first two weeks after hair transplant so important?

During the first 2 weeks after hair transplant, an active healing process takes place. Although modern methods of hair transplantation are minimally invasive, small red dots will visible on the skin in the first days. These are newly transplanted grafts.

In the first days and weeks after the surgery, the grafts are not yet engrafted in the scalp, so the risk of damage is very high. The patient must be extremely careful not to allow any exposure to the hair to avoid damage or displacement. The most important thing a patient needs to do after hair transplant is to relax and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.

What should the patient avoid in the first two weeks after hair transplant?

  • During the first two weeks after the operation, alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  • It is recommended to use a special pillow for sleeping, which does not injure the transplanted hair in the first 2 weeks after the operation.
  • The patient should avoid sports and any other activity that can cause sweating of the scalp.
  • In the first two weeks after hair transplant, it is forbidden to wash hair in any other way, except as prescribed by the doctor. Also, the patient should not visit baths and saunas and swim in the pool or sea. You can take a shower, but only avoiding water getting on the transplanted grafts.

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December 23, 2020