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Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy


It is important not to ignore the hair loss that has begun, and then it will be easy to solve this problem or completely avoid it. The clinic’s specialists can offer a lot of effective treatments for alopecia. Low-level laser hair therapy is one of the ways to prevent hair loss.

The use of laser therapy can stimulate weakened hair follicles. For the greatest efficiency, laser hair therapy is applied together with others types of treatment: medication, mesotherapy, and so on. In addition, laser therapy can also be used after hair transplant surgery, speeding up healing and relieving possible discomfort.

Low-level laser therapy for hair loss

It is best to resort to laser therapy if hair loss is a consequence of hormonal imbalance (for example, with androgenetic alopecia) or it was caused by taking medications that provoke hair loss (chemotherapy in oncology does not apply to these reasons; after it, laser treatment is ineffective).

In clinics, laser hair treatment is carried out with the help of devices and large laser equipment. The device is equipped with LEDs that evenly distribute the laser lights over the surface of the head.

Studies have shown that laser therapy helps to “wake up” follicles that are in the resting phase (telogen). The main condition for a successful result is the regularity of the procedures. Laser hair therapy improves the blood supply to the scalp, the condition of the follicles is normalized and the hair begins to grow again. Laser therapy helps to reduce and stop hair loss. Patients notice that after completing the course, the hair grows stronger and healthier.

How Does Laser Hair Treatment Work?

The low-level laser hair treatment procedure lasts from 5 to 20 minutes. The patient and the doctor wear protective glasses, and the doctor treats problem areas with laser light. Laser light with a wavelength of 1565 nm, penetrates deep into the skin to the hair follicles and carries the healing light and energy from 10 to 30 mJ, depending on the settings.

Under the influence of laser light energy, metabolic processes are activated and blood flow is increased at the level of the dermis, dermal papilla of the hair and stem cells.

In addition, the laser helps in the treatment of chronic or acute inflammation or micro inflammation of the scalp (for example, after hair transplantation or skin diseases).

As a rule, the course consists of at least 5 procedures at intervals of several days or weeks. Each case is individual, so the number of procedures is determined by the doctor for each patient.

Low-level laser therapy with hair transplant

Laser therapy has been successfully applied after hair transplantation. Possessing a healing and anti-inflammatory effect, laser beams are evenly distributed over the scalp and restore the transplanted tissue. The laser prevents the excessive formation of connective tissue, and therefore prevents the formation of adhesions and scars. In addition to stimulating tissue regeneration, the head skin also improves. This procedure speeds up healing in half. Laser therapy is absolutely safe, painless and perfectly tolerated – during the manipulations, the patient does not notice anything except a slight tingling sensation. The therapy has no side effects or limitations.

Saç Ekimi

Saç ekimi saç dökülmesi için kalıcı bir çözüm sunan güvenli ve etkili bir tedavidir.

Kadınlar İçin Saç Ekimi

Kadınlar için saç ekimi,saç dökülmesi yaşayan bayanlara etkili ve güvenilir bir çözüm sunar. Kadınlar için tıraşsız saç ekimi Hairpol'de mevcuttur.

Sakal Ekimi

Sakal dökülmesi yaşayan veya sakal eksikliği olan bölgeleri olan erkekler, istedikleri sakal şeklini almak için sakal ekiminden faydalanabilirler.

Smooth FUE

Smooth FUE, yumuşak bir sedasyon ile yapılan saç ekimi operasyonudur. Smooth FUE, rahat ve ağrısız saç ekimi garantisi sunar.

DHI Saç Ekimi

DHI, mükemmel yoğunluk ve hızlı iyileşme sağlayan gelişmiş bir saç ekim yöntemidir.

Kaş Ekimi

Kaş ekimi, her hastanın kalın ve doğal kaşlara kavuşmasını sağlar.

Safir FUE

Safir FUE, modern FUE saç ekim yöntemidir. Safir ekipmanlar kullanımı sayesinde daha etkili sonuçlarla iyileşme süresi hızlandırılır.

Saç Tedavileri

Saç tedavileri hastanın saç yapısı ve ihtiyaçlarına göre önerilmektedir. Modern saç bakım yöntemleri saçınızın daha güçlü, daha parlak ve daha sağlıklı olmasını sağlar.